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    STALKER Artifact Guide


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    STALKER Artifact Guide

    Post by Centerfold on Sun May 21, 2017 2:08 pm

    A very simple and easy way to identify artifacts, their tiers, and their effects + side effects.

    Tier One


    The Droplet artifact is formed out of a fire-based anomaly, and is the result of many light metals falling into the anomaly's reign then melting down to form small, teardrop shaped glossy objects. It very gently removes radiation from the body in a slow process, while at the same time, like that of a Crystal anomaly, puts a strain on the internal energy supply of the user- Causing fatigue. It has a known side effect of intensifying emotions beyond a normal threshold.

    Night Star
    Night Star:

    The Night Star is a very pretty little artifact, and can be useful as well. It is found in gravity based anomalies. It is well known for making a small anti-gravitational field around itself, allowing the user to float small light objects such as papers, and make many miscellaneous objects very light. It however, emits radiation. It has no side effects.


    The Slime artifact is formed out of acidic, toxic anomalies in the Zone, and is extremely common. It coagulate blood very slowly, healing small cuts and bumps quicker, but not doing too much to larger wounds. It unfortunately makes the user more vulnerable to damage while in use, but does not emit any radiation. It has no side effects, the coagulation power too low to cause any internal issues.


    The Sparkler is a bright, colorful little ball of fun for an artifact. It is formed in electrical based anomalies and is known for causing tingling sensations when picked up. It fills the user with a light sense of everything going to be "alright", so a sense of calming and tranquility. It has no other effect outside of causing the user to be a little tired after many hours of use.

    Stone Blood
    Stone Blood:

    The Stone Blood artifact is a gross compilation of bone, blood, and debris from other organic compounds tied together by a knot of radiation. It very slowly assists in closing wounds, but not coagulating blood. In effect, it can help recover from an injury. It emits radiation, and is found in gravity based anomalies. It has a side effect of causing an odd red crust residue to form on the hands, which is easily removed with a simple movement of the hand.


    The Thorn artifact is formed out of the Mystic anomaly, and it is unknown exactly how it forms. However, it drains the body of radiation the same way that the Crystal Thorn does, through bleeding the toxins out. It has no side effects.


    The Jellyfish artifact is formed out of yet again, gravity based anomalies. However, it does not effect the gravity field near it- But instead, dismisses radiation from the body. It doesn't seem to have any negative active effects. It has a side effect that makes the user look as if they're suffering from jaundice.

    Tier Two

    Crystal Thorn
    Crystal Thorn:

    The Crystal Thorn artifact is similar to that of the Crystal artifact in the mannerisms of draining radiation from the body, thus cleansing the system of toxins- However, it does so through the archaic style of bleeding the radiation out. Due to this, naturally, other things come out with it such as sweat, oils of the body, and in many cases, blood. It is formed out of a Mystic Anomaly. It has known side effects of causing blisters and callouses to form on the skin where the artifact is applied.


    The Fireball artifact is formed in fire-based anomalies, as guessed by the name. It resembles that of, well, a fireball, or rather a cannonball thanks to its size. It occurs when organic matter and heavy metals fall together in a fire-based anomaly, and conjoin to form a grotesque artifact. Just like the other artifacts in the related field, the Fireball drains the body of radiation through an oddly specific and accurate microwaving process, while burning up the body's internal energy supply at the same time. It has a known side effect of causing heat flashes and stomach pains.


    The Flash artifact is a strange one, having an odd looking shape which lightly shoots off bits and bobs of electrical beams. These cause a gentle sensation of tingling through the skin in which it contacts. The Flash artifact is formed from electrical based anomalies. It stimulates the user's muscular system, causing above-average strength and speed temporarily before an intense burnout. The side effects are the paling of the skin, and a tendency to suffer from static shock near metal.

    Meat Chunk
    Meat Chunk:

    The Meat Chunk artifact is formed in gravitational anomalies, and is composed of a bunch of fleshy bits of various organic creatures mushed together into one radioactive ball of fun. It helps wounds heal a bit faster, but does not coagulate blood. This can again, lead to internal bleeding and distended blood vessels. It emits radiation endlessly like most artifacts, and has a side effect of removing small scars from the body.


    The Slug artifact is also formed out of acidic anomalies in the Zone, and is a bit more uncommon than the Slime. It coagulates blood at a moderate rate, being able to assist in clogging up small caliber bullet injuries, but like the Slime, makes the user more vulnerable to damage while in use. It has a side effect of possibly causing a blood clot inside the body.

    Stone Flower
    Stone Flower:

    Yet another artifact formed by a gravity-based anomaly. The Stone Flower offers an odd buff of slightly hardened skin, which makes it more resistant to cuts and scrapes. It unfortunately emits radiation in response to this. Side effects include flaking of the skin, and dry skin.


    The Wrenched artifact is formed out of a gravity anomaly, and can typically be found to remove radiation from the body rather quickly, at double the rate of that of a Jellyfish artifact. It has no negative effects. It has a side effect of causing the shortening of the spine, muscles, bones, and organs. This effectively makes the user shorter over a long duration of time, and can lead to many medical issues.

    Tier Three


    The Crystal artifact is, as detailed by the name, a Crystallized formation of heavy objects and metals that've fallen into a fire-based anomaly. It drains the body of radiation through an odd process similar to that of how rust oxidizes, but in the process, it puts a heavy strain on the users energy supply of sugars and carbs, simultaneously draining them of their energy. It has no known side effects.


    The Eye artifact is known for helping coagulate blood, faster than that of a Slug but slower than that of a Mica. It resembles a human eye, supposedly, and can be found in fire-based anomalies. It has a known side effect of causing blurred vision for far-ranges after a few minutes of usage.


    The Gravi artifact forms in gravity based anomalies just like the Goldfish artifact, and just the Goldfish it creates an anti-gravitational field. The Gravi emits radiation just like that of a Goldfish, but it doesn't have nearly the same kind of pull. It can make full length rifles a bit lighter. The side effects include lengthening of the bones and body, whilst narrowing it- This stretches out the spine, muscles, bones, and organs, which can lead to fatal consequences if abused.


    The Moonlight artifact is formed out of various electrical anomalies found around the Zone. It has the effect of heavily stimulating the user's nervous system, making them feel extremely energetic and restless. However, this actually numbs the nervous system and causes a whole mess of issues. Once removed from the user, they experience a heavy, sudden onset of fatigue and will be unable to sleep for a few hours, days, or even a week depending on how long the artifact was in use. It includes the side effects of extreme dehydration and starvation, sleep deprivation, urinary tract infection, intestinal issues, muscular tearing, and overall fatigue.


    The Soul artifact is formed in gravity based anomalies, and is known for having very quick wound-closing properties. However, it does not coagulate blood, and therefore can cause internal bleeding and blood vessel damage. It emits radiation at a high rate, and has the side effect of healing large scars on the body.


    The Urchin artifact is too formed out of a Mystic anomaly, and has the same effect of a Thorn and a Crystal Thorn artifact in which it removes radiation through bleeding the body of toxins. It has a side effect of making the skin oddly soft to the touch.

    Tier Four


    The Firefly artifact is well fabled for being able to rapidly heal those who use it, simultaneously closing up wounds and coagulating blood in mere minutes. It is rumored to have the ability to bring back those who have recently died, but that is again, a rumor. Despite the amazing healing properties, the Firefly emits radiation to the point that standing in the Chernobyl Reactor itself is less deadly. It is unknown where the artifact forms, currently.


    The Goldfish artifact is formed out of gravity based anomalies, and thus creates an odd anti-gravitational field. This field can take in objects as heavy as rocket launchers and make them very light. however it emits a dangerous amount of radiation. Extremely light objects sometimes float off the surface when in very close range. The side effects include an elongated skull and osteoporosis.

    Mama's Beads
    Mama's Beads:

    The Mama's Beads artifact is well known and legendary for being able to close wounds quickly, but it does not coagulate blood, which can lead to internal bleeding and pooling blood vessels. It is rarely formed out of fire-based anomalies, and resembles a double-helix formation. The Mama's Beads also produce radiation in addition to the healing effect it offers. It has a side effect of causing odd discrepancies in skin pigmentation in the areas applied, meaning it can turn white skin darker, or lighter, or even a grotesque shade of some other color.


    The Mica artifact is formed in acidic, toxic anomalies in the Zone. Oddly enough, it is well known for coagulating the blood flow easily, both inside and outside the body. The Mica can coagulate blood in open wounds, allowing them to heal and scab faster, but it makes the user more vulnerable to injury whilst in use. It has a side effect of possibly coagulating blood inside the body, causing blockages and a mess of health problems.


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    Re: STALKER Artifact Guide

    Post by Kiwuu on Mon May 22, 2017 5:52 pm

    These are the current radiation values for each artifact. It should be noted that some suits, containers and even other artifacts can negate this radiation, and even absorb radiation in some cases.

    Tier One:

    Droplet: - 0.3 MSv

    Night Star: + 0.2 MSv

    Slime: ---

    Sparkler: ---

    Stone Blood: + 0.2 MSv

    Thorn: - 0.3 MSv

    Jellyfish: + 0.2 MSv

    Tier Two:

    Crystal Thorn: - 0.5 MSv

    Fireball: - 0.5 MSv

    Flash: ---

    Meat Chunk: ---

    Slug: ---

    Stone Flower: + 0.2 MSv

    Wrenched: + 0.2 MSv

    Tier Three:

    Crystal: - 0.6 MSv

    Eye: + 0.3 MSv

    Gravi: + 0.3 MSv


    Soul: ---

    Urchin: - 0.6 MSv

    Tier Four:

    Firefly: + 0.8 MSv

    Goldfish: + 0.6 MSv

    Mama's Beads: + 0.5 MSv

    Mica: ---

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