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    Centerfold STALKER Roleplay Lore


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    Centerfold STALKER Roleplay Lore

    Post by Centerfold on Mon Apr 10, 2017 9:51 am

    In 1986, the first truly widespread and well known nuclear disaster occurred, the event became known to the public as the “Chernobyl disaster”. Mishandling of nuclear material caused Reactor #4 of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine to undergo a catastrophic meltdown of epic and deadly proportions, resulting in the deaths and evacuations of countless lives, as well as a large region of northern Ukraine to become closed off to the world. This region was officially declared to be the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

    The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone became infamous to the world as an anti-nuclear symbol, the radiation having permanently damaged the ecosystem and human life in the areas surrounding, such as the cities of Pripyat, Poliske, and many small towns and villages. Many once beautiful and relaxing areas and spots absorbed a significant amount of radiation, turning into deathtraps to those unfortunate enough to try and recover any personal belongings or valuables.

    A brave volunteer force of firefighters, police officers, emergency medical staff, and power plant workers put their numbers together and began to work tirelessly on trying to control the disaster from all angles. The roof had effectively blown off the top of Reactor #4 and was in danger of exploding even further than it already had. With all the tools and manpower they could muster​, this volunteer group took to the plant and did the best they could to control the fires and flames from growing out of control.

    This group became known to the world as the Liquidators. They were in charge of making sure the situation didn't grow any worse whole civilians and surrounding cities and towns were evacuated. Many of them died as a result of the intense and deadly radiation exposure they encountered, but their efforts were not in vain. The land was successfully evacuated for the most part and the disaster was suppressed as much as was possible given the circumstances. To this day, they live on as martyrs for protests and campaigns targeted at shutting down nuclear power plants across the globe, especially those that are working under questionable conditions.

    Although the story should end there, it unfortunately does not. The Ukrainian government saw at least some silver lining in the horrible occurrence, taking it upon themselves to house multiple scientific laboratories and research posts within the contaminated region in order to study the effects of radiation on the wildlife and agriculture. As time went on, the land grew less dangerous and the radiation slowly faded. At least, up until this point.

    The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone was still open to the public in limited capacity, only for guided tours in very safe and maintained areas. However, after a tour bus of foreign students went missing, the government deemed it too dangerous to keep the borders open any longer. The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone closed to the public and has yet to reopen. Years pass, yet military patrols and private journalists keep finding evidence of people still living within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. As time goes on, a military patrol comes across a small camp of armed men and women, illegally living and working there. Attempts to arrest them are met with violence, and soon the first instance of “S.T.A.L.K.E.R.s” goes public.

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R.s, or stalkers for short, are people who are illegally dwelling in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone for whatever reasons they see fit. They refer to the land as “The Zone” and act almost as if it's alive. Many stalkers can be seen raiding camps of other stalkers or even sneaking into military checkpoints to steal their supplies and firearms. A vast and strange culture has been documented with stalkers, including but not limited to: black market trading, religious cults, mercenary clans, heavily armed militia groups, vicious bandits who rape and murder, and even self-motivated researchers who are looking to study the Zone without restriction of the government.

    Stalker camps can range anywhere from four people to forty people. Many stalkers are native Ukrainians but there are minorities of outsiders such as French, German, and very rarely, American. It also appears that many stalkers identify themselves by color and patch instead of by name or rank.

    Many stalkers who claim to be new typically are younger and wear more simple clothes such as tracksuits, leather jackets, cloth face wraps, and sneakers. Meanwhile, stalkers who say they've spent many months in the Zone can be seen wearing an oddly specific brown set of attire, usually accommodated with a respirator of some sort and a set of boots rather than shoes. There has been no recorded instance of a child or teenager in the Zone, probably due to the radiation.

    Those who wear the brown attire identify themselves as “Loners”, and they tend to wear a patch of a simple radiation symbol on their left or right arm. They say there are other groups out there who wear different styles of camouflage and wear certain patches, such as groups called “Clear Sky” and “Freedom”.

    There are also many smaller, unidentified groups that are scattered throughout the Zone. Some keep to themselves while others try to make a name for themselves and become the next big thing. One small group of stalkers came across a rather sad scene of a lone man wandering in the woods muttering to himself in English. Attempts to interact with the man were met with aggressive flailing and screaming, then many more, like a pack of dogs, emerged slowly from the surrounding woods.

    Those who escaped claimed them to be zombies due to how they acted, and thus the first instance of a “zombified stalker” was recorded. Some believe the encountered​ zombies to be the group of foreign students that was lost years before, but no proof has come forward in that regard.

    Come late-2011, things have gotten very tense and aggressive in the Zone. Warring clans and factions fight over territory and resources, the sky glows red and the ground shakes every now and then, and new groups are trying to rise to power in order to cement their legacy in the Zone. The military are doing their best to control and contain the situation, but even that has been more of a headache than a challenge.

    Amidst the chaos, a large group has seen an opportunity, the United Nations. They see the Zone as an interesting topic of research and wonder, and look to host their own independent expedition into the Zone. Putting together a mix of researchers, scientists, soldiers, and investigative reporters, the United Nations succeed in building a small group known as the International Science Group, or ISG for short.

    You are one of the many in the ISG expedition that had been sent into the Zone. Your profession and role in the group is up to you. You have no prior experience in the Zone.

    The story, and fate of the ISG from this point on is in the hands of you, the players.

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