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    STALKER Mutant Guide


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    STALKER Mutant Guide

    Post by Centerfold on Sun May 21, 2017 2:10 pm

    Blind Dog

    A blind dog is a dog found in the Zone which has undergone several issues, the most common one being the lack of eyes. Their sense of smell and hearing is heightened more than that of normal dogs due to the lack of eyes, and they typically travel in packs similar to wolves. Blind dogs can be found all over the Zone, and they tend to track and swarm their chosen prey. If injured, they tend to retreat to recover, unless led by a Psuedodog. Due to their nature of being blind, they typically will hunt anything that hasn't killed them already.


    A psuedodog is a wolf, or dog, found in the Zone, that has been subjected to mutations from the Zone's radiation. It has sharper, elongated teeth, thick fur which acts as protection, and a hardened skull along with a large body. They're much more muscular and faster than a normal blind dog, and typically are extremely aggressive and territorial. They too can be found all over the Zone, and typically hunt anything that isn't bigger than a Bloodsucker.


    A Psi-Dog is an enhanced psuedodog, with the ability to create pulses of psi energy that effects those in the vicinity. It is able to create clones of itself in order to dismay the prey, and confuse it, so that it may get the advantage on it. It can only be found in the deeper regions of the Zone rather than all over the place.


    A Flesh is merely a horribly mutated pig that has resided in the Zone for an extended period of time. They're very loud and disgusting, and travel in packs of four to six. Flesh eat relatively anything, or will try to, including metals and other odd things. They're, as the name suggests, very fleshy, and can surprisingly take plenty of low caliber bullets before dropping dead. They can be found all over the Zone, but usually around the outer regions.


    A boar is a simple boar that lives within the Zone, being quite a large creature in comparison to most you'll find around. It's pretty heavy and travels with small groups of three to five. Boars are openly hostile and territorial, and will not retreat even if injured. They sometimes lead around packs of Flesh, and can be found all over the Zone.


    A Bloodsucker is a unique, humanoid creature that can turn near-invisible thanks to the Zone magic known as mutations and radiation. They're extremely dangerous, being tall, strong, and heavy. They also have an odd array of tentacles for a mouth, which secrete a substance that temporarily prevents blood coagulation. The bloodsucker does just as the name implies- It sucks blood. It can be found in the Zone relatively anywhere except the outer edges.


    A Poltergeist is an odd creature of the Zone, being made entirely out of what seems to be a field of moving static electricity- Which doesn't harm those who happen to pass through it. A Poltergeist works by sensing the movement of the people nearby, then lifting up objects and tossing them at the object that is currently moving in order to stop the disturbance it senses. It can be killed by simply firing at the electrical field enough times, to which it then bursts out in an odd discharge of flesh and blood. They are typically found in indoor, underground areas, deep within the Zone.


    A mutated human that seems to have undergone some sort of dwarfism issue. It wears a leather coat and is typically found in dark, underground areas, being sensitive to light. Burers can lift up things similar to that of a Poltergeist and throw them, it can also pull the gun right out of your hands if your grip is weak enough, and even pull your leg out from under you if you aren't grounded properly. Burers can also generate psi-based shields, unknown as to how they do it, to block any incoming projectiles.


    A Snork is a horribly mutated human with tattered military equipment on it. It is found in the deeper regions of the Zone, and has poor vision but an incredible sense of smell. Thanks to mutations, it can leap incredible distances and has impressive strength, able to tear apart armor if given the chance do to so.


    A Controller is another horribly mutated human, with a comically enlarged head and odd turtle-like appearance from the chest-up. It moves slowly, but is incredibly powerful if it manages to get within range. Controllers are found in the deeper areas of the Zone, but can very rarely be seen near the outer edges, aimlessly roaming. It attacks through psi-based assaults, having the capability to directly concentrate psi in a small "bolt" and "throw" it.


    A Chimera is a large, powerful, terrifying creature resembling that of an adult lion, with two malformed heads, massive claws, and a thick hide. It is incredibly fast, difficult to kill, and powerful. Luckily, it is only found in the deep areas of the Zone, but if encountered, it'd be best to simply retreat to the nearest large group. It is weaker than the creature, the Psuedogiant, but is much more dangerous and aggressive.


    A Psuedogiant is an incredibly, terribly mutated mass of flesh and bone of a human being. It is extremely territorial, aggressive, large, powerful, and impervious to most forms of damage. A Psuedogiant can weigh up to two tons and be up to two meters tall, you can typically hear one coming before you can see it. Don't let the size fool you, they can be quite quick and agile when needed.

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