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    STALKER Anomaly Guide


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    STALKER Anomaly Guide

    Post by Centerfold on Sun May 21, 2017 2:07 pm

    The Electro anomaly is a simple discrepancy in the electromagnetic fields of the Zone's land, or air in some cases. Electro anomalies are easy to spot, as they constantly fizzle out electricity and actively zap things nearby. They also make loud discharge noises when something enters their "danger spot", or the most harming spot of the anomaly.
    It can spawn either a Sparkler, Flash, or Moonlight.

    The Trapper anomaly is a crimson red cloud of energy with a very negative gravitational pull. Similar to that of a Vortex, anyone within range will be sucked in and constricted into a tight ball of mush. You'll know when you're nearby, as the ground will shake violently.
    It can spawn either a Jellyfish, Stone Flower, or Night Star.

    The Evade anomaly is the inverse of the Trapper anomaly, it is a bright blue cloud with a very positive gravitational pull. Anyone who gets near it will experience the same violent tremors, but instead of being pulled in, it forces you out as if in an attempt to defend itself.
    It can spawn either a Jellyfish, Stone Flower, or Night Star.

    The Bubble traps in the kinetic force of the Earth's rotation, and when disrupted, lets it all out on the object disrupting the ensnarement. Things that the Bubble forms around may be suspended indefinitely- Or until the surface of said Bubble is penetrated. Long story short, if you step into this, or put anything in, it'll be torn to shreds in moments.
    It can spawn either a Wrenched, Gravi, or Goldfish.

    The Divide is an odd anomaly only found in dark areas of the Zone, typically underground or indoors. It, as the name suggests, divides whatever materials go through it, as if splitting it in half. This can prove very deadly in most cases, or very annoying if trying to transport something.
    It can spawn either a Stone Blood, Meat Chunk, or Soul.

    The Bead is a very erratic, momentary anomaly. It appears in wide, open fields every now and then, bobbing around with a mystical trail behind it before violently bursting and emitting a light burst of psi-focused energy known to cause nausea, headaches, and diaphragm spasms (hiccups). Otherwise, it doesn't do much else. Some rumors suggest it is used as a guide for those who're lost, but others suggest that "a rumor is a rumor."
    It does not spawn any artifacts.

    Radiation is a very simple and real danger of the Zone. Radiation can cause infertility, sterility, nausea, headaches, vomiting, loss of white blood cells, nerve cell damage, intestinal tract damage, the list goes on. Avoid radiation as much as you can.
    It does not spawn any artifacts, except cancer.

    A Whirligig anomaly is a gravitational anomaly that pulls in objects nearby and simultaneously crumples them together whilst flinging them around like a ragdoll. It can easily kill and destroy any objects/people that're put inside.
    It can spawn either a Stone Blood, Meat Chunk, or Soul.

    The Burner anomaly is a rapid expression of heat, shooting either upward, sideways, or downward. It can burn through anything from skin to steel beams, and will do so mercilessly. It can kill within seconds.
    It can spawn either a Droplet, Crystal, Fireball, or in very rare cases, Mama's Beads.

    The Hoverstone is unique in the sense that is doesn't stay in one place between emissions, but rather moves and continually deteriorates. It's a mix of a gravitational and a radiation anomaly. The stones can vary in size, but they float around in the air aimlessly and with strange arcs. Any organic material it comes in contact with becomes heavily irradiated for the duration it is contacted, but once the contact ends, the irradiation is moved along with it, almost instantly. There's no radiation sickness possibility, but it can cause intense physical pain, radiation burns, and even death.
    It does not spawn any artifacts.

    The Mystic anomaly is very strange in which it effects the mind and only the mind. Mystic anomalies are named so because every Mystic anomaly "entity" can cause a different effect. Excessive emotional tension, cluster headaches, feelings of being faint, excessive hunger and thirst, intense feelings of self-mutilation, and the list goes on and on. Mystic anomalies are most well known for making a very loud bang, heard across at least a mile or more sometimes, when they either disappear or are destroyed.
    It can spawn either a Thorn, Crystal Thorn, or Urchin.

    The Hydro anomaly is a water-based anomaly that spawns in bodies of waters, typically waist-high or deeper. They glow a bright blue, shining, and emit an acidic liquid that turns the water more undrinkable than it already was.
    It can spawn either a Slime, Slug, or Mica.

    Deathfog is a large cloud of brown-ish smog that covers a large area. It corrodes skin, hair, eyes, leaving a scorched corpse. Going inside Deathfog without a closed-circuit respirator system rebreather and full-body protection leads to death in a very painful and slow manner.
    It can spawn either a Slime, Slug, or Mica.

    The Heat anomaly is not to be confused with a Trapper anomaly. They look similar, but Heat lacks the tremors and intense pull, instead, being very hot. It is essentially a much more visible Burner that has a larger area space.
    It can spawn either a Droplet, Crystal, Fireball, or Eye.

    The Vortex anomaly is another gravitational discrepancy that pulls in the victim, into the air, rather quickly. Once at the center, it constricts the victim into a tight clump and then rapidly expands them in all direction, effectively splitting them apart like a poorly put-together ragdoll. Any objects caught in a Vortex will not survive.
    It can spawn either a Wrenched, Gravi, or Goldfish.

    The Static anomaly is not to be confused with the Electro anomaly. Rather than actively zap the surroundings, it waits for something in motion to disrupt its "resting period" before rapidly charging up and shooting out electrical bolts. These are much more powerful than the constant stream of Electro beams, and can cause third degree electrical burns, ruin equipment, and kill the victim in most cases.
    It can spawn either a Sparkler, Flash, or Moonlight.

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