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    The International Science Group


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    The International Science Group

    Post by Centerfold on Mon May 08, 2017 9:10 pm

    A basic timeline of the International Science Group and their mission can be found here.


    UN begins having private meetings with other representatives of other countries, other than Ukraine, about raising a task force dedicated to investigating the secrets of the Zone and recent reports of warfare tactics prohibited by the Geneva Convention by the UKM.


    The ISG is raised after several meetings and conferences between various different countries around the globe, the task force being comprised of combat veterans and researchers, the latter having been forced to go through a degree of combat training as a requirement to join said task force in the first place.  The investigation is led by the United Kingdom, the MI6 playing a big part in this. The task force, although not limited to any specific continent, mostly has members from Italy, the UK, France, Germany and other european countries.

    Late 2010:

    The ISG begins clandestine entry into the Zone, wearing unmarked uniforms and under strict rules of conduct. All of the members, at this point, have gone through extensive physical and mental aptitude tests, and whoever didn’t have past military experience and/or training, has also gone through basic firearms handling training. Prior to entering the Zone, ALL members also went through a basic Ukrainian language course.

    Roles in the ISG:

    Scientist: The role of the group who handles taking physical samples from the Zone, such as biological matter, radiological readings and even notes of the environment as the group goes on.

    Researcher: The component of the group in charge of investigative duties, such as taking notes and photos as well as recording information vital to the group’s original objective in the Zone.

    Doctor: The doctor’s role in the group is to ensure the health and well-being of the rest of the task force. Each and every doctor chosen to be in the ISG is required to be trained and tested in identifying and treating radiation-related illnesses and injuries, as well as going through a combat related first-aid course before being accepted.

    Security: The security’s role in the group is very straight-forward: to ensure the safety of the rest of the personnel. The security team is comprised of active-duty military members from countries currently in the UN, as well as contractors from trusted companies from across the globe.

    Rules of Conduct:

    The rules of conduct apply to every member of the ISG, no matter the role. These are very strict rules due to the nature of this investigation and due to the consequences that will be brought upon the UN as a whole if said rules are broken, compromising the entire operation, and possibly every personnel involved.

    1.1: Every personnel involved in the investigation must never, under any circumstance, reveal their association with the United Nations to any individuals not in the original group- failure to do so will result in immediate termination by the individual’s colleagues. The rest of the group is required to dispose of the corpse in a discreet manner, and burn all of said individual’s belongings.
    1.2: Failure to terminate the individual in question will result in the rest of the group’s personal information in the UN and their country of birth completely expunged. In short, it will be as if the group members never existed.
    2: Every member of the group must always, in the face of outsiders, follow the cover-up story with the purpose of occulting the group’s reason to be in the Zone: the group is in fact, a mercenary group under the name ‘Silver Lions’, whose sole purpose in the Zone is to retrieve artifacts for outside contacts. This rule goes hand-in-hand with Rule 1.1, as to provide a way for UN personnel to not raise the locals’ suspicion.

    3: The ISG must not engage any group or individuals that aren’t a direct threat to the group or the investigation at hand. If engaging said targets is vital to the progress of the investigation, then they should be eliminated according to Rule 4.

    4: In combat situations, the group should always follow the rules put in place by the Geneva Conventions. Examples are: Do not shoot an unarmed combatant; Do not shoot a surrendering combatant; Do not eliminate a combatant in inhumane ways, and so on and so forth. As lawless as the Zone may look like, that does not make the ISG members criminals.

    5: If any personnel finds it adequate to replace their UN-issued equipment, they must dispose of said equipment in a way that it cannot be recognized or connected with the UN.

    Standard-Issue Equipment:

    All Roles: Beretta M92FS; Geiger counter; A week’s supply of MREs; Two thousand rubles per person; A survival knife of the individual’s choice; One emergency first aid kit; An adequate amount of ammunition; Ballpoint pen; Notepad; Swiss army knife; Blue/Grey fatigues; Handheld radio; 5 replacement filters for masks/suits; Belt pouches and compartments for loose/spare gear; One pair of white chemlights, one pair of green chemlights and one pair of blue chemlights.

    Scientists: NBC Suit; Field-portable science kit (Universal Environmental Tool [sound level meter, light meter, anemometer, humidity meter and thermometer], Laser Rangefinder, Soil & Agriculture Test Kit, Soil pH Meter Kit, eTrex 20x GPS); Soft armor plate and carrier, IIA.

    Researchers: MP5A3; M3 Respirator; Soft armor plate and carrier, IIIA; Load-bearing harness; Waterproof Digital Camera, compatible with SD card/USB; Journal; Three extra ballpoint pens; Three packs of batteries; Five extra SD cards; ALICE Pack; General camping supplies and a small amount of weapon cleaning and maintaining supplies for the rest of the group.

    Doctors: NBC Suit; ISG Issued “Cure-All” Medical Kit; Duffle bag; Soft armor plate and carrier, IIA.

    Security: Assault Rifle chambered in 5.56x45 NATO of the following models- SG552, L85A2, HK416 (It is recommended to pick the same models in the event of part breakage); M40 Respirator; Ballistic helmet, IIIA; Steel plate and modular carrier, III; ALICE pack; One replacement steel plate, III; General camping supplies and a small amount of weapon cleaning and maintaining supplies for the rest of the group.

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