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    Combat & The Turn Cycle


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    Combat & The Turn Cycle

    Post by Centerfold on Wed May 31, 2017 7:18 pm

    In roleplay you'll typically have a handful of people all doing actions, dialogue, and interaction with each other and the environment, sometimes at the same time. This can be confusing in combat scenarios so we've come up with an idea to give everyone their own little spotlight, as well as allow others to have the time to think and coordinate their actions better.

    This is called the Turn Cycle, and it applies to all combat scenarios. It follow as this-

    Round Begin > Turn Cycle > Round End

    This continues until every NPC is dead, every Player is dead, or until a resolution is met otherwise such as retreating or negotiation.

    To determine the Player's position in the Turn Cycle, you have to do a roll to determine Cycle Position, or CP. The roll to determine CP is a simple /roll 20 + your Dexterity Modifier. NPCs do not have any bonuses to their roll. All it does is simply determine your turn, so for example- If you're in a group of three people, about to combat two NPCs...

    Player 1 has rolled 3 out of 20.
    Player 2 has rolled 8 out of 20.
    Player 3 has rolled 19 out of 20.
    NPC 1 has rolled 15 out of 20.
    NPC 2 has rolled 1 out of 20.
    NPC 3 has rolled 10 out of 20.

    The Turn Cycle follows as-

    Player 3 > NPC 1 > NPC 3 > Player 2 > Player 1 > NPC 2

    At the Round End section of every Turn Cycle, status effects will happen. For example, if you're holding an Artifact during combat, you will take the radiation damage value of that Artifact at Round End.

    When it comes to what you can do during Combat, well, it depends. You can choose to Move, Attack, Skip, Use Item, Use Feat, or Other. Keep in mind that you don't need to actually say "I'm choosing to Use Item" or "I'm going to Move", it's just written down like this to give you a handful of ideas of what to do during Combat if you're new to it or aren't quite sure what the limitations are, if any.

    Move is simple, you move your character to the point you want them to be at. You can only move so far per Round so you're not able to sprint across a valley in one go. You can also Reload while moving.

    Attack is also self explanatory. You can throw a grenade, switch out a gun and open fire, aim a gun and open fire, or use whatever else you want to use in order to attack.

    If you're using an Automatic Firearm, you need to choose how many bullets you'll fire during your Attack action, you can fire up to 3 bullets at a time. The more bullets you fire, the more of a chance of missing one or two of the shots depending on the caliber, target status, and distance.

    Semi-Automatic Firearms will always fire one shot at a time.

    Skip means you skip your turn.

    Use Item means to use an item in your inventory, such as an Artifact or a Medical Kit. Use your imagination as you could also interact with the environment using this.

    Use Feat means to use an Active Feat to your advantage, something like Multi-Strike or Sneak Attack. If you're not in Combat then you don't need to worry about entering Combat to use Sneak Attack.

    Other is anything else you can think of that isn't covered here for whatever reason.

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