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    Hit Point System


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    Hit Point System

    Post by Centerfold on Mon May 29, 2017 3:11 pm

    Naturally in any roleplay environment that uses DnD style mechanics, you'll probably have Hit Points, or HP.
    HP is the life essence of your character, it's what keeps them alive and doing actions. The lower your HP, the closer you are to death, meaning the less abuse you can take before you finally perish.

    Here in Centerfold, we have it set up so that it's a bit difficult to die, but not impossible. It's also set up so that the blame for the death is never really on the player, because we don't want to make you feel like you're entirely at fault for your death, since we do want you to keep playing after your character dies.

    Keep in mind that if your character dies, that's it, they're dead. Their status becomes that of a Permanent Kill, or PK. So take care of yourself and make smart decisions! It could mean the difference between life or death not just for you, but for your other party members too!

    HP can be recovered however, just like DT, but it's recovered much slower. Unlike DT, where you can just visit a technician and get your armor repaired for a quick fee- There's multiple ways to recover HP. You can let it naturally recover over time when outside of combat, use a medical kit inside/outside of combat, or visit a doctor in a medical clinic at a settlement or town, which would cost you some Rubles.

    Here's how HP works...

    In order to determine HP, you need to factor in three numbers. The base HP, your Constitution number, and half of your Strength.

    The base HP for all human characters is always 10, no matter what.

    Your Constitution number is simply the number of your Constitution attribute. Likewise with half of your Strength, however, odd numbers are rounded down for this, so 11 becomes 10, 15 becomes 14, so on and so forth.

    If you have a character with 14 Constitution and 12 Strength, your HP calculation will look something like this...

    10 + 14 + 6 = 30 HP

    When you reach 0 HP however, you're not necessarily dead. Keep this in mind because it's important!

    Hitting 0 HP puts you in a state of Unconscious, but -10 HP will make you dead. While you're Unconscious, you're unable to move, perform actions, or talk to others. During every round, you will have to roll for Recovery. Recovery is trying to awaken from the Unconscious state and get back into action, and to save yourself from death.

    For every round you are unable to awaken from being Unconscious, you will lose 1 HP. Once you hit -10 HP total, you will officially die and be listed as a Permanent Kill. The roll of your Recovery is a flat rate, meaning there are no buffs or debuffs applied to it. It's very simple, and it needs to out-roll the amount of damage you took. The difference between those two numbers is how much HP you will awaken with.

    It should look something like this...

    You are knocked Unconscious and the damage number that did it was 9. You have to roll 10 or above to recover from being Unconscious. If you roll 10, you will recover with 1 HP. If you roll 20, you will recover with 11 HP. If you roll 9 or below, you will stay Unconscious and nothing will change.

    It's also important to note that when you get knocked into the Unconscious state, the remaining damage will carry over, meaning...

    If you're at 5 HP and you get knocked Unconscious by a damage number of 7, you will have -2 HP.

    5 - 7 = -2 HP.
    /roll 20
    ** Centerfold has rolled 10 out of 20.
    10 - 7 = 3 HP.
    ** Centerfold has recovered with 3 HP.

    This means you cannot instantly die from any damage even at 1 HP unless it's from 7.62x54mm, .500 S&W, or higher. You will always have a chance to recover unless the stakes are dire.

    Two more things!

    First- Other party members can also save you in the event they are able to reach you while you're Unconscious. This will Stabilize you, meaning you no longer are losing HP per round but you still require medical treatment. You are able to remain Unconscious until they perform Medical on you, they take you to a doctor or clinic, or until you successfully roll for Recovery. Keep the party together and your chances of survival drastically go up!

    Second- At times, a state of Unconscious might be induced by the acting GM at the time despite not taking any damage or maybe not even being in combat. During times like these, you will not lose any HP or be damaged, but simply go straight from whatever HP you're at to Unconscious, then when it's over, back to the HP you were previously at.

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