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    Granite Stoner


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    Granite Stoner

    Post by Goose on Tue May 23, 2017 12:13 am


    "If you do not follow orders, people will die."

    General Information

    Full Name: Granite Stoner

    Nationality: American

    D.O.B.: 2/24/83

    Age: 28

    Role in ISG: Security

    Health Status: 110%

    Mental Status: 110%

    Blood Type: AB+

    Religion: Christian Baptist

    Special Details: Horizontal scar on the dorsal part of his right wrist. Typically seen with some form of tinted eyewear.

    Height: 6'0

    Weight: 175 lbs.

    Hair Color: Honey blonde

    Eye Color: Blue


    Granite Stoner enlisted at the age of eight-teen and became part of the United States Army as a Jump-Jockey (Paratrooper), he served three tours in the Middle East during Operation: Iraqi Freedom. His eventual downfall was when he landed wrong during a combat drop and messed up his left knee. This injury disqualified him from returning back to his old unit and risked a Medical Discharge, however he knew some people that could pull some strings to keep him in the Military even if it were a different branch. Blue to Green is known transfer individuals from a given branch to the Army, but this time it worked in the opposite manner, sending Granite to the Navy. He sought to be a SAR Diver in the Navy, being in the water was less of a hassle on his knee. He remained in the Navy up until late 2010, when he contracted an eye disease known as Uveitis, which also came with a case of Iritis. This was the straw that broke the camels back, he was without a second thought Medically Discharged and sent home packing. Now sitting in a dark secluded room with permanently closed blinds and administering steroid eye drops every other hour, he thought how was it possible for him to fall so far in such a short amount of time. He kept in contact with his military buddies weeks after the fact and soon was put into contact with people from the UN who needed people willing to be basically cannon fodder, he jumped at the offer. Within a years time he was trained up to the groups quota and was sent to Ukraine with several others with varying specializations.


    • Strength - 12
    • Constitution - 14
    • Dexterity - 14
    • Intelligence - 14
    • Wisdom - 14
    • Charisma - 12


    • Stealth - 1
    • Demolitions - 1
    • Mechanical - 0
    • Persuasion - 0
    • Medical - 1
    • Perception - 2

    Remaining Skill Points: 3


    • Armor Proficiency: Light, Medium, Heavy
    • Weapon Proficiency: Melee
    • Weapon Proficiency: Handguns
    • Weapon Proficiency: SMGs
    • Weapon Proficiency: Shotguns
    • Weapon Proficiency: Assault Rifles
    • Weapon Proficiency: Sniper Rifles


    • M16A3 [PWB HK416 until TFA gets fixed]
    • M92FS Beretta [PWB until TFA gets fixed]
    • Extrema Ratio MK 2.1
    • PASGT Level IIIA helmet [Black]
    • M40 gasmask w/ tinted lens
    • Spare filters x5
    • ISG Security Attire [Blue, black and gray uniform]
    • Modular Carrier Vest [Black]
    • Alice backpack [Black]
    • Copy of the King James Bible x1
    • Pair of ballistic sunglasses x1
    • Padded leather gloves
    • Reinforced and insulated combat boots [Black]
    • Blowout kit [Standard medical kit, just a military term for it]
    • Small kit containing 10mL of Prednisolone steroid eye drops x2
    • Small kit containing 5mL of refreshing eye drops x2 [inside same kit as above]
    • Standard Military canteen w/ drinking apparatus x2
    • Weeks worth of rations
    • 90rnds of SS109 5.56x45mm NATO
    • 45rnds of 9x19mm Parabellum
    • Level III Steel plates x2
    • Weapons cleaning kit x1
    • Weapons spare parts kit x1
    • Ballpoint pen x1
    • Notepad x1
    • Geiger counter x1
    • Swiss Army knife x1
    • AN/PRC-148 MBITR radio x1 w/ spare batteries
    • Iridium Extreme (9575) Iridium phone x1 w/ spare batteries
    • One pair white chemlights x2
    • One pair green chemlights x2
    • One pair blue chemlights x2
    • 2000 Rubles

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