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    Character Sheet Template


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    Character Sheet Template

    Post by Centerfold on Mon May 22, 2017 3:48 am

    Creating a character sheet is required for Centerfold Gaming. It provides quick and easy access for everyone to know the details of your character when it comes to attributes, skills, and feats. It also can provide better insight on the character themselves. The only real required fields are the name, role, attributes, skills, and feats.

    [center][spoiler][img]Character Reference Image goes here, you can use an in-game screenshot or a picture of a real life person. Please stay away from anime and famous, known figures in history or media.[/img][/spoiler]

    Theme link goes here if you wish to use such a thing, just copy-paste the link straight off Youtube

    [quote]"A quote goes here. This quote can be one from your character, one about your character from another character, or a quote that you think best fits your character from any source."[/quote]
    General Information

    Full Name:


    Role in ISG:

    Health Status:

    Mental Status:


    Special Details:



    Hair Color:

    Eye Color:



    (Insert Short Summary of Backstory Here, if you want)


    Attributes (You can assign 20 points collectively. See this thread for more information - )

    [*] Strength - 10
    [*] Constitution - 10
    [*] Dexterity - 10
    [*] Intelligence - 10
    [*] Wisdom - 10
    [*] Charisma - 10


    Skills (Your skill points are determined by your Intelligence and Role. You can assign up to 4 in one skill at time of creation. Skills that are not Role-Fitting will cost 2 skill points to level up by 1. You can see more information in this thread - )

    [*] Stealth - 0
    [*] Demolitions - 0
    [*] Mechanical - 0
    [*] Persuasion - 0
    [*] Medical - 0
    [*] Perception - 0

    Remaining Skill Points:


    Feats (Your feats are determined by your Role. You also get one free pick at any Feat you want. More information can be found here - )

    [*] Armor Proficiency: Light
    [*] Weapon Proficiency: Melee
    [*] Weapon Proficiency: Handguns
    [*] Free Slot - Pick One


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