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    Skills System


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    Skills System

    Post by Centerfold on Mon May 22, 2017 3:00 am

    In Centerfold Gaming, there will be a set of six skills. A skill represents a specific aspect of an ability score, and an individual's proficiency in a skill demonstrates a focus on that aspect. Skills are leveled up using Skill Points. The amount of Skill Points are determined by someone's Intelligence and Role. A chart representing that can be found below-

    Skill Points Chart (Click me)

    Each skill is also tied to an attribute and role. Skills can still be upgraded by other roles, however it will cost more than normal as it is not something that role specializes in. All skills cost one point to the role they are fitted for, two points for roles they are not fitted for. Further information can be found below. You don't have to spend all the skill points at once. To begin with, you can only set the skill to 4 at character creation.

    Stealth - Dexterity : Researcher
    Stealth is used in situations requiring the use of Stealth to avoid detection. This can be moving quick enough to avoid being seen or treading lightly enough to avoid being heard. In some cases, it can also be used for disguise effectiveness. Alternatively, lockpicking also falls under Stealth.

    Demolitions - Intelligence : Security
    Demolitions is used in situations requiring the handling of explosives. This can range from utilizing grenades to arming/disarming mines or explosive traps. Missile, grenade, and mortar launchers also fall under this category.

    Mechanical - Intelligence : Scientist
    Mechanical is used in situations requiring the use or handling of mechanical systems. It can be used to maintain and repair weapons, armor, as well as create or help control situations regarding heavy machinery or engineering. If the chance ever arises, it could also be potentially used for a vehicle.

    Medical - Wisdom : Doctor
    Medical is used in situations which require the need for medical treatment. It is used to gauge the effectiveness of the treatment provided by first aid kits. It also helps determine the effectiveness of a radiation treatment. In most cases, the appropriate use of a drug may have to be found out by someone with a high medical skill.

    Persuasion - Charisma : Researcher
    Persuasion is used in situations where a character in the world needs to be convinced of something. This can range from giving more money upon job completion to interrogating without using violent methods. In some cases, it can also be used to try and talk down and recover a situation already gone awry.

    Perception - Wisdom : Scientist
    Perception is used in situations where something that could've easily gone unnoticed can be found with more assistance. This can be used when trying to spot something other people would normally miss or when trying to find something especially hidden. In the case of the latter, the player would have to search a particular spot and then ask if a Perception check applies or not.

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