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    Attribute System


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    Attribute System

    Post by Centerfold on Sun May 21, 2017 2:35 pm

    In Centerfold Roleplay, your character sheet will have an Attribute section. In this section you will see the six different Attributes and be able to assign them. However, you only have 20 expendable points. Once you get past a certain point, Attributes will start costing more. You can have a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 18 at the time of character creation.

    A chart can be found at the following link to provide visual aid on Attribute modifiers and point cost - Modifiers Chart

    Attributes are based off the Dungeons and Dragons system of Strength, Constitution, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. Each Attribute contributes toward a specific field, all of which are useful in their own right. Assign your Attributes in a way that not only fits your role, but helps define your character. You can’t necessarily be a Scientist with 8 Intelligence and 17 Strength, of course.

    Here’s a definition of each Attribute, and what kind of field it would impact.

    Strength - A measure of how physically strong the character is. Strength factors into a multiple of physical challenges and scenarios. It also directly impacts carry weight, melee-based damage, and has a minor impact on the amount of hit points you may have.

    Constitution - A measure of how much endurance the character has. Constitution directly impacts the amount of hit points you have and your environmental resistances. It also has a hand in your resistance to drugs, alcohol, and other substances you can ingest.

    Dexterity - A measure of how agile and precise a character is. Dexterity directly impacts the accuracy and speed of a melee attack. It also has a hand in determining your Cycle Position.

    Intelligence - A measure of the character’s ability to problem-solve or analyze. Intelligence has a hand in determining how well your character understands foreign languages (Those other than English/Ukrainian seeing as how we’re in Ukraine), it also directly impacts the amount of skill points you have to your distribution.

    Wisdom - A measure of the character’s common sense and mental resistance. It has a helping hand in understanding the other characters in the party and in the game world, as well as having a direct impact on how well your character handles mental damages such as pain tolerance, fear, and psi.

    Charisma - A measure of the character’s social skills and effectiveness with handling situations gone awry within a reasonable timespan. Charisma has a hand in determining how much the other characters in the game world will respond to your attempts to talk and socialize with them, as well as impact things such as trader prices and attempts at negotiation. There are rare times in which it can be used to defuse a hostile scenario, as well.

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