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    The Rules of Centerfold Gaming


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    The Rules of Centerfold Gaming

    Post by Centerfold on Thu Apr 06, 2017 7:10 pm

    The rules are a basic fundamental need to have on a server. Here are our rules. Make sure you read them! They are also expected to update from time to time, so keep an eye out.

    1: You must be respectful to other players in the community as well as staff members. This includes no racism, sexism, or slander.

    2: Erotic Roleplay (ERP) is not allowed to take place in-game on the server. We're roleplayers, not smut writers.

    3: When making a character, you MUST create said character to relate to the lore and the current in-game focus in a realistic manner.

    4: The staff hold the right to remove a player from the community or deny that player access to the community for whatever reason they see fit, either permanently or temporarily, given that other members of staff agree to the decision.

    5: PAC must not be abused. If you're found to be abusing PAC, you'll be kicked from the server for twenty-four hours as well as have your PAC authorizations taken away.

    6: In order to play in this community, you must have read the lore of the server as well as know what the server is about. This is considered the most important rule, as it's the most fundamental of them.

    7: Characters based off famous fictional characters, well known people, historical figures, or celebrities are not allowed. Please refer to Rule 3 for further information.

    8: You cannot create a character who is below the height of 5'0 or above the height of 6'5.

    9: Acting without fear or acting recklessly in roleplay scenarios involving combat or life-threatening danger may result in a permanent kill (PK) depending on the severity. Remember to roleplay realistically, your character is human after all.

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